Why do other cabinet refacing companies want to apply a thin piece of wood veneer over my existing face frame?

Most companies apply a thin piece of wood veneer over your face frame, because it is common practice to take the short cut and sacrifice quality to increase their profits; However Cabinet Crafters specializes in refacing. Our process is a true reface job, because we give you new doors, new drawers and most importantly for that finished complete look, we build you a new custom face frame to replace your existing.

The 4 main reason we do not stick thin wood veneers over your existing face frame is that:

1. Over time, wood veneers will start to chip and peel off.

2. You will see your existing mismatched face frame behind the wood veneers, when you or your guest opens the cabinet doors. This gives a very incomplete look to the whole job.

3. Furthermore, if you decide to sell your home in the future, home value estimators and perspective buyers will notice the veneers over the face frame, which will hurt resale value. With our specialized process of refacing, home value estimators and perspective buyers will assume you did a complete kitchen remodel.

4. The last and most important reason is because we value our customers and we hold ourselves to very high standards of quality. We know if we cut corners and used veneers, instead of giving them an all new custom built face frame, we would not be meeting the high standards that we set for ourselves and that our clients deserve.

Our process consist of building a new custom face frame to replace your existing. We then give you new doors, new drawers, new ball-bearing slides, and European hinges. The only part of your existing cabinets that we do not replace, is the inside box. This is where the savings comes in, by keeping your existing box, you are able to save about 50% off the price of all new cabinets.

You must charge considerably more then your competitors, since you offer a superior process of refacing, right?

On the contrary, our prices are always very competitive to the competition. When you compare our price to our competitors and then take in account the advantages of what we offer, it becomes a simple choice. Cabinet Crafters Inc gives you the best value and most bang for your buck, guaranteed!

I cannot decide whether to get all new cabinets or just reface my existing?

At Cabinet Crafters Inc, we offer both services, refacing and all new. To help our clients decide, we use a simple rule of thumb. If they want to change the whole layout of you kitchen, we recommend all new. However, if they are happy with the basic layout of their kitchen, we recommend refacing because it will save them money (about 50%). Also, with our specialized refacing process, we are able to give you that brand new kitchen look, without the increased cost and time associated with a complete tear out of your existing cabinets.

What are all these technical words that I keep hearing and reading about, like: Refacing, Reframing, Refinishing, and Resurfacing?

These terms are used to describe the different techniques used, however many consumers and even some companies use them interchangeably.

Refacing: Most companies will use the word refacing. However, as stated earlier most use a wood veneer over the face frame and give you only new doors and drawer fronts. At Cabinet Crafters, we give you new face frames, new doors, new drawer fronts, new drawer boxes, new European hinges, and new ball bearing drawer glides.

Reframing: This term more accurately describes the service that Cabinet Crafters offers. Since we remove your existing face frames and custom build them new. However, we primarily use the term “Refacing,” because more people are familiar with that term.

Refinishing/ Resurfacing: This term refers to a process where your existing cabinets are simply sprayed with a new stain finish. However at Cabinet Crafters, we do not offer this process, because the results are never very good and do not hold up for long due to the finish Air Quality laws allows them to use in a clients home. We prefer to reface/ reframe a clients kitchen in order to give them an all new look and a kitchen that will still look beautiful 10+ years from now.

Is remodeling a kitchen a good investment?

Kitchen remodeling projects continue to provide hefty returns at the time of a home sale. The Cost vs. Value report, published by Remodeling magazine, shows that “home owners recoup 80.4 percent of the average $54,200 they spend on major kitchen projects, and get back 85.2 percent of the average $17,928 spent on minor projects.”

At Cabinet Crafters, we can give you that “all new” Kitchen look, at a fraction of the industry’s average price of $18,000 as mentioned in the article. According to the article’s figures along with our great pricing, you could potentially earn over 100% return on investment. Therefore, if you decide or plan to sell your house in the future, your beautiful new kitchen will not only assist in selling your home it will provide hefty returns at the time of sale.